José Manuel Higuera, graduated in physiotherapy and master's degree in Sports Performance and Health from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, with collegiate number 7131.

I consider myself passionate about the study of the human body and the improvement of health through physiotherapy. Thanks to my extensive training in therapeutic exercise, ultrasound, manual therapy, sports rehabilitation and neurological physiotherapy, I can help you recover from your injury through individualized and scientifically supported assessment and treatment.

My goal is to improve people's health by making all my experience and knowledge available to them, through the most honest and humane treatment possible.

JM-MOTION Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

quality physiotherapy

A totally personalized and tailor-made assessment and treatment is carried out.

The physiotherapist will be fully available to the patient uninterruptedly throughout the session.

We will end the session with exercise guidelines, recommendations and advice to follow that complement and reinforce the treatment carried out in the session.

A follow-up and re-evaluation of the patient will be carried out to see the effectiveness of the treatment.

JM-MOTION Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


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